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(1)   Paul Arnaud – Cours de chimie organique, 15ième édition (1990).

(2)   R.Mauny et G.Cordier – Souterrains-Refuges, Caves-Fortes et « Hypogées » de Touraine (1967).

(3)   Document Archeologia Trésors des Ages (1973)

(4)   Michel Roesch – Les souterrains de Paris, Nord Patrimoine Editions

(5)   Charles Pomerol – Les souterrains de Paris, Nord Patrimoine Editions

(6)    Rotureau - Tendre comme la pierre - Université d'Orléans - Roche de France - Editions Pro Roc



Recommended site



A nice site, and a webmaster who is not him less. You will find a whole sample group of galleries high-quality photos with this ardent colour which takes us guts !!! Fast navigation, and same images 3D rigorous glasses.



Little in the same spirit at the level of the navigation, with a lot of visited sites ( underground ) and any nice full of photos pleasant visit


Carrières et catacombes de Paris

History and curiosity. Photos (naturally), catacombs, plans, licked graphics, didactic pages .. a  beautiful work




Yhea!! Geology, caving(speleology), topography and levying plan, reservoir and aqueducts underground passages, cellars, glaciers, well with water. There are even propositions of visit to the interested persons.


Le monde des cavernes

Site specialized in caves. Geologic forming(training), rupestral painting, card of dynamic France, N such for visit of the tourist places, etc.




Another sites that i have choose for you



How to begin the genealogy ?

Councils, dynamic tree of the webmaster, History of France with Chronology of kings and leaders of state, History of ancient Brittany, the former Professions and the height of the other surprises …

Ergonomics, speed of navigation. To visit without fear.


Didacticiel de Biologie végétale

A beautiful initiation into the vegetable biology: presentation of the big plant genres (algae, mushrooms, mosses, ferns, …), test of knowledge. A several times outdone(subsidized) site.











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