The intestines of the earth


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This English version was realized with a system of machine translation (very practical for landing in the deficiency of my knowledge concerning the Anglo-Saxon language.




You go to discover a world at the same moment fascinating, strange and disturbing, invisible witness on one hand important and often ignored by our history. Underground passages, without resuming the definition of the dictionary, is a generic name indicating refuges, stone-pits, mines, cellars, mushroom bed, abyss or still catacombs. The objective of this column is not either to be exhaustive, or to make you a class, far from me this claim, but only to open a small window on an unusual way of approaching the history of our country.






Why? Because these places are DAN GE ROUS !!!


Then, please click the Head of Death to have more details because I kick away any responsibility concerning everything and for whoever it is.

Here we are, it is made, then now, made what check seems to you













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