Naours's subterranean village


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" Please , Come to visit Naours's subterranean village " Oh that! The panel in the entrance of the city is tantalising and promises mountain and miracle to the tourist attracted by brochures proposed in the offices of tourism. It is true that the same signboard could only incite to the curiosity.

But already the size of the parking, allowing to welcome several buses, and the open view on the shop with recollections, and the other foolishness let anticipate the trap to tourist.



The poverty of the comments of the guide - propriťtaire-exploitant is particularly distressing.

While one could be delighted at a magnificent with a ruddy complexion historic story, and he groans on the cruel lack of archives, and while the origin gets lost in the ancient time. I had already tried this guile with my professor of history, and he had his way indeed to him to appreciate my performance !


Little thing also on the architecture, on the geology. The only vestiges which stay are completely contemporary, as a small column set up for Mister Machin by friends' band and whom has absolutely no interest, if it is not to try to make spend the bitterness of the pill.





A village? Yes, effectively, there are 3 or 4 rooms. Not to doubt it, that should be the smallest village of the world.


" Here is the altar where the priest celebrated the cult " Yes, well, it is interesting, but thatís all ?


The nail of the spectacle is all the same, if one knows how to content himself with images, this magnificent stair with this strange vault












































 Well, ben it is indeed pity all this because I am persuaded that it is fascinating with a guide from guide. Then, in 3 words, I summarize the whole: please , Donít go here!!!




Naours's subterranean village

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