Roucy’s stone-pit



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            During a meal at people that I did not know either Eve or Adam, a champenois learns me that the stone-pit having served for extracting stones of the cathedral of Reims is in a small village to about 25 km from Reims in the direction of Laon, called Roucy. I did not need more of it to put shoes on my big shoes and beat the campaign in length, in wide and across but always unsuccessfully.


I engage then friends' team, but it will be the son of the baker to whom we were to look for ammunitions, who will take us in the 4x4 in a kindling to 1,5 km. Then, everybody goes down, the storm of December, 1999 left considerable stigmas. Small walking along a hardly visible path, some trees slept to cross, and in the middle of the vegetation, a hardly visible entrance. The happiness!! 



It is better not to be big, the sky of the career is particularly low (1m80 in 1m20), so much that at the end of hardly one hour of walking half broken in two, one eventually been seriously breathless and tired. The sky lets suspect by place of the serious signs of weakness.



Above to the left, an important collapse at the level of a crossroads. Paradoxically, it is in this place that one feels best because one can finally stand up on all its height.

 At the top to the right, stones ready of being forwarded and which remained unused. In this place, the sky is particularly low (among 1m40 and 1m50) to wonder how work the quarrymen !!!




At the top to the left, the tracks of stony benches torn away(extracted) from the cliff, and those of the lamps forming black spots in the ceiling. To the right, the accounts were marked out of the rock. One can see in premium the mark of tools used to dig.


Roucy’s stone-pit

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